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Kids Loves To Play, Let’s Grow Them With Proper Healthy and Fit Plan


School is like second home to children and that’s why it’s important for us to make sure their health are proper. That’s the reason we made a science based well-structured P.E program that not only keep child Physically fit but also make them happy.


Some of Our major services includes :


  • Curriculum
  • Props/Equipment
  • Trainers
  • Health Assessment
  • Quality Monitoring & Tracking App


There is nothing like a Great Sport event to inspire a Sportsmanship and a friendly competition. Whether you are planning a School Annual Sport event, A physical camp, charity run, Corporate Sport Event or just for fun competition, you need a good and experience planner who can understand your need and make your event world class.



Sports Champ provides a variety of plans for corporates to enhance their team work, build strong team bond, psychologically relieve stress through our Physical activities. Our well structured program offers Sports, Team Building Activities, Fun Fest and many creative indoor and outdoor activities.


Sports Champ have a technical background to create a physical infrastructure according to space requirements. We effectively optimize your space and technically use it for multiple sports, We call it as One-Field-Multiple Sports.


Everyone loves adventure and fun trips and it actually helps improve our abilities both Physical and Mental. We make these Adventure memorable for you, whether it’s a corporate adventure trip, school trips  or a Family adventure.


Why to waste summer, when you have a option to build a strong physical base for your child. We have come a long way to build a well-structured fun loving  physical activities in summer camps. It not only includes singing, dancing, writing but also includes unique adventurous activities that every child loves.



Excellence is not a skill its an attitude and that excellent attitude is in the sports champ they deserve it, because as i go through their plans projects i find a place where i can get those kinds of services and activities which i was searching for my child and after going through it i find a energetic, sporty, agile and a spirited kid. A transformation of my child was unbelievable for me and the work was outstanding by the sports champ
Pracheta Pawar
Sportschamp is basically an organisation with a planned and structured curriculum which improves my kids skills and motivate them to acknowledge their efforts through their exercises and projects i saw alot of physical improvement and active behaviour in my child
Sadik Ahmed
I saw different kinds of props, different types of challenges and many more i saw in sports champ, through these activities they not only attract my kids to sports but also they make my kids an outdoor one, not only me but each and every member of my family is noticing changes in her because of sports champ only... Thank you sports champ for making my kids healthy and active
Subh Joshi
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