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Embark on a journey to greatness with Sports Champ, a trailblazing venture by Ira Sports Pvt Ltd. Elevate your game and redefine your limits—where passion ignites victory.

Unlock your best with Play+ at Sports Champ. Our smart assessment tools guide your journey to excellence, making sports simple and rewarding.

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SCHOOL Sports Program

The school serves as a second home for children, making it imperative for us to prioritize their well-being. Thus, we’ve crafted a science-based, well-structured physical education (P.E.) program. This program not only ensures the physical fitness of children but also contributes to their overall happiness.

Explore Our Key Services:

  1. Curriculum 
  2. Props/Equipment 
  3. Qualified Trainers
  4.   Health Assessment
  5. Quality Monitoring and Tracking App Integration

Join us in fostering a holistic approach to education and well-being for the young minds in our care.



Experience the unparalleled inspiration of a great sports event, where sportsmanship and friendly competition come alive. Whether it’s organizing a school’s annual sports event, a dynamic physical camp, a charity run, a corporate sports event, or a casual yet spirited competition, you deserve a seasoned planner who comprehends your requirements and transforms your event into a world-class experience.



Sports Champ offers an array of corporate plans designed to boost teamwork, foster strong team bonds, and provide psychological stress relief through engaging physical activities. Our meticulously crafted programs include sports, team-building activities, fun fests, and a range of creative indoor and outdoor pursuits.


At Sports Champ, our technical expertise enables us to design physical infrastructure tailored to your space requirements. We excel at optimizing your available space, employing technical solutions to accommodate multiple sports seamlessly. This innovative approach, which we proudly call “One-Field-Multiple Sports,” ensures efficient use of your space for diverse sporting activities. Join us in transforming your space into a versatile arena for athletic excellence.

Camping tents under pine trees with sunlight at Pang Ung lake, Mae Hong Son in THAILAND.


Indulge in the joy of adventure and fun trips—experiences that not only entertain but also enhance both physical and mental abilities. We specialize in making these adventures truly unforgettable, whether it’s a corporate adventure trip, school outings, or an exciting family escapade. Join us as we create lasting memories filled with excitement and discovery.



Don’t let the summer slip away; seize the opportunity to cultivate a robust physical foundation for your child! We’ve worked tirelessly to create meticulously planned and enjoyable physical activities for summer camps. Our offerings go beyond the usual singing, dancing, and writing, incorporating unique and adventurous activities that every child will adore.

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