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At SportsChamp, we’re here to meet the needs of school kids and promote a healthy lifestyle for the upcoming generation.

In today’s world, we understand that many kids are missing out on physical activities, often due to unavoidable reasons. Our goal is to bridge this gap and focus on meticulous skill development for aspiring sports players.

We center our efforts on the growth of children, offering them an organized skill development program. Our aim is not just to shape them into skilled sports enthusiasts but also to mold them into future SPORTS CHAMP.

Sports Champ is dedicated to providing students with a daily dose of structured play that caters to their demands. Regular and planned physical activities not only boost mental concentration but also foster a positive attitude. This structured play not only keeps them physically fit but also instills a positive change in their perspective and objectivity. Join us on this journey to nurture not just athletes, but future champions!



SportsChamp aims to provide its students with proper, planned, and structured play every day to fulfill their demands and requirements.Regular and planned physical activities enhance mental concentration and activate a positive attitude. Structured play not only makes them physically fit but also brings a positive change in their perception and objectivity to look into the matter.


Structured, well organized plan and personal training schedule not only make them physically fit but also positively energize child.

High Skills

Skill filled activities improve & develop the child with all aspects like Bones, Muscles & Movement pattern.


Quality affirmation to deliver high quality physical activities to make a positive attitude.


Our accomplished group underpins schools and instructors to convey completely comprehensive school sports.


Our mission is to inspire an early love of sports and fitness that will help in creating foundation of healthy life of child. We believe in providing and creating new opportunities in health and sports activities, by promoting child’s talent in a unique sports platform.


We are buckle up with strong vision to make a physical education reachable to each and every child. Furthermore through our science based curriculum and certified trainers provides the framework to enhance child’s positive growth, leadership skills, life skills and ability to deal with adversity.

Our Core Value

Our strong belief in making Physical Education a backbone and Inspire early love of child will lead to Integrity and strong positive outcome. We took a step to make child’s early love of sport more powerful and make a child future Leader.

Our Team

Dr. Mohammad Rafiq

Dr. Mohammad Rafiq, with an illustrious career spanning 33 years, holds expertise with a BPE, MPE, Rdt. As an Associate Professor, he has made significant contributions to various statutory bodies. His commitment to the sport is evident through years of service as chairman and member of the hockey selection committee. Dr. Rafiq brings a wealth of experience and dedication to the field, shaping the landscape of sports through his extensive involvement and leadership.

Dr. Ronnie Chatterjee

He is a specialist in musculoskeletal disorders and a sports physiotherapist. I am a certified orthopedic manual therapist from the University of Curtin, Western Australia. Former physio of the Vidarbha Cricket Association. Currently appointed by BCCI as Physio for Cricket Association of Mizoram He has a couple of scientific paper presentations to his name. He is a resource person at various workshops. Works as a head of physio at IDCPE’s Center for Advanced Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine Care, Nagpur.

Deepak Kanetkar

Nagpur District Table Tennis Association official coach, manager cum coach of Maharashtra School TT Team, national manager of Maharashtra – B Team, Coach of RTM Nagpur Univerity T T Team, Chief Referee of All India University.All India Civil Services T-Tournaments are held in Nagpur. from last 40 years in the T-T coaching Coaching Field.Selection Committee member of DSO and RTM Nagpur University for the last 20 years.

Abhay kumar Sontakke

Rich experience of 25 years, working as a CBSE Resource Person and master trainer for CBSE. Also worked as a principal for 17 years.

Ravish Jalamkar

B.Sc., D.P.Ed., M.P.E., Rdt. Associate Professor(served 34 years), I worked on various statutory bodies as a member. I served as chairman and member of the selection committee ( cricket, athletics, and table tennis) for several years.

Robin Simon

Lecturer, -Physical Education at VNIT Proficiency -Badminton 13 years serving in physical education