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At Sports Champ India, we’re dedicated to enhancing the well-being of children through the transformative power of sports. Our mission goes beyond traditional sports education; we inspire young minds to become not just athletes but champions in life. By seeding a love for sports early on and providing personalized plans based on periodic performance assessments, we not only improve physical abilities but also sharpen academic focus. 

Our emphasis on social-emotional development imparts invaluable life skills like teamwork and leadership, building the foundation for success both on and off the field. Recognizing each child’s uniqueness, our advanced talent development program guides them to acquire new techniques, ensuring a generation of well-rounded and passionate sports champs. Join us in this journey of play, growth, and success, where every child is nurtured to unlock their full potential.


fun things to do

Sports Classes for Schools

Join our fun sports classes made just for schools. We have games and activities that teach you about sports and keep you moving and having a good time.


Awesome Games at School

Check out the fun games we have for schools. They’re not just regular sports – they’re games that help you work together with your friends and learn new things while having a blast!


Super Fun School Sports Events

Have a great time at school with our special sports events. We can make tournaments between classes or have a sports day with cool games. It’s all about having fun and being active!

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Our Programs

We offers a comprehensive packages according to need which covers Sports P.E Programe, Sports Event Management, Sports Summer Camp, Adventure camp and many others.

Certified Trainer

Sports Champ believes in best quality service when it comes to our training section. We only assign a Highly Professional Certified Trainers as per your requirements.

Health Card

Our health assessment actually analyse the initial level of body of a Child. We periodically make assessment test for every individual kid by giving them different physical activities.


Sports Champ periodically monitor every application and keep a close watch at every single step. We make sure everything is sorted and well organized as per our standard’s.

Skill Development:

Invest time in honing your skills. Whether it’s sports, work, or personal growth, continuous improvement is key.

Resilience in Challenges:

Embrace challenges as opportunities to grow. Your ability to navigate obstacles with resilience is a testament to your skills and hard work.

Dedication and Effort:

Hard work pays off. Commitment and consistent effort amplify your skills and contribute significantly to your success.

Continuous Learning:

Stay curious and open to learning. Acquiring new skills and knowledge complements your hard work, fostering long-term success.

What we do

For Schools

At Sports Champ, we specialize in helping schools with their sports programs and events. We’re dedicated to creating a special experience for students, emphasizing physical well-being to ease stress, lower anxiety, and boost overall performance through the positive impact of sports.

Sport Event

At Sports Champ, we craft exciting sports experiences designed for kids, parents, and trainers. We not only organize but also own and produce top-notch, creative sports programs. Let Sports Champ bring a fresh and world-class touch to sports events at your school!


Discover excellence in coaching with Sports Champ! Our coaches provide thorough training modules, guiding roles, planning, safety, effective communication, parent collaboration, and inclusive coaching practices. Transform your school’s sports leadership with Sports Champ, where coaching goes beyond shaping champions on and off the field!

For Corporates

Sports Champ has it’s name for organizing corporate sports event’s. We believe in physically treating corporate leaders to relieve their stress and anxiety and help them improve their performance at a great level with the help of sports.

What Clients Say

Sports champ has the ability to understand child’s needs and their determination to succeed is just unmatchable. Also, their attention to detail and personalized guidance makes the work a lot easier. Proud to have an association with sports champ. Keep up the good work.
Sadik Ahmed
Really appreciate and thank you so much for all of the opportunities sports champ has provided to our children’s which has not only helped them in sports but also helped them in physical development.
Pracheta Pawar
We have been dealing with sports champ since the starting of the session the curriculum is absolutely amazing. Kids enjoyed a lot, they have come up with amazing concepts, till date nothing has been repeated.. very happy to work with such professional people…
Subh Joshi

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