Let's Provide an Opportunity to Every Child to Climb the Ladder of Success!
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To evolve every child in sports activities and to involve him as a champions.


Age appropriate Props to enhance kinesthetic and motor skills.


Certification and Badges presentation.


Assessment through standard parameters.

Research & Analysis

Individual Analysis of Every Child.

Why Choose Us


Structured play not only make them physically fit but also brings a positive change in their perceptive and objectivity to look into the matter.

High Skills

Skill filled activities improve & develop the child with all aspects like Bones, Muscles & Movement pattern.


Quality affirmation to deliver high quality physical activities to make a positive attitude.


Our accomplished group underpins schools and instructors to convey completely comprehensive PE and school sports.


Ravish O. Jalamkar

B.Sc., D.P.Ed., M.P.E. ,Rdt. Associate Professor( Served 34 years),Work on various statutory bodies as a member, served as chairman & member of selection committee ( Cricket, Athletic, Table Tannies) for several year

Dr Robin Simon

Lecturer -Physical Education at VNIT
Proficiency -Badminton
13 years serving for physical education

Dr. Mohammad Rafiq

BPE. MPE. Rdt. Associate Professor (Served 33 years)Work on various statutory bodies as a member. Served as chairman & member of selection committee of Hockey for several years

Deepak Kanetkar

Nagpur District Table Tennis Associatio official Coach, Manager cum Coach of Maharashtra School TT Team, Nationals manager of Maharashtra – B Team, Coach of RTM Nagpur Univerity T T Team,Chief Referee of All India University, and All India Civil Services T T Tournaments held at Nagpur . from last
40 years in T T Coaching Field.

Selection Commitee member of D S O, and R T M Nagpur University from last 20 years


Questions & Answers

Children need 60 min of physical action somewhere around 5 days in a week and Schools being the best regions for interventions, Revolution Sports gives a stage to build up a practical physical training & sports environment. It helps educators, mentors and guardians cultivate the improvement of youngsters and youth making them physically proficient.

Sports Champ gives a stage to engage and educate youngsters, Rediscovering their adoration to play by empowering age suitable, experimentally planned and comprehensive projects.

Sports Champ Trainers are certified and well skilled persons to provide its student a proper, planned and structured play everyday to fulfill demand and requirement.