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Dr. Mohammad Rafiq


Dr. Mohammad Rafiq

BPE. MPE. Rdt. Associate Professor (Served 33 years)Work on various statutory bodies as a member. 

Served as chairman & member of selection committee of Hockey for several years


B.Sc., D.P.Ed., M.P.E. ,Rdt. Associate Professor( Served 34 years),Work on various statutory bodies as a member, served as chairman & member of selection committee ( Cricket, Athletic, Table Tannies) for several year

Deepak Kanetkar

Deepak Kanetkar

Nagpur District Table Tennis Associatio official Coach, Manager cum Coach of Maharashtra School TT Team, Nationals manager of Maharashtra – B Team, Coach of RTM Nagpur Univerity T T Team,Chief Referee of All India University.

All India Civil Services T T Tournaments held at Nagpur . from last 40 years in T T Coaching Field.

Selection Commitee member of D S O, and R T M Nagpur University from last 20 years

Deepak Kanetkar

Lecturer -Physical Education at VNIT
Proficiency -Badminton
13 years serving for physical education

Dr Robin Simon
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