Spotrackz have a technical background to create a physical infrastructure according to space requirements.

Swimming Pool

We the experts with 100 + successful swimming pools in the country, we serve with all type of the pools like professional, luxury and casual pools for schools, colleges, hotel, apartments, restaurants, house pool (indoor and outdoor) and waterparks. We are known for the budget friendly pools even, we are also serving for swimming pool maintenance on the annual basic where we take care of the pool and the requirements for the pool.

Indoor and Outdoor Courts

It’s a time for sports for all ages where we are serving the nation with the affordable and budget friendly plans under the construction of indoor and outdoor courts with fabrications and concretes for Badminton, Squash, Lawn Tennis, Basketball, and others. Spotrackz is one of the growing platform with the experience of constructing different courts.

Floor Painting

Spotrackz is leading brand under court painting with the genuine and the professional material with the quality of Synthetic Acrylic Paint which have its own quality for durability sustainability and the glossy appearance with the non-skit property for the proper hold on the court. We serve awesome color combination with 5 layers and 8 layers for basketball, lawn tennis, skating, and other can be painted for the effective play on the field.

Ground Leveling

Spotrackz also works to make the play space free from injury and any hazardous in the play, for this a play area should be professional to make the feel to the players and athletes to achieve the peak in the performance with the feel and zeal of real sports

Turf and Synthetic Track

When we talk about professionalism, yes with turf and synthetic track it can be achieved. For many sports like Hockey, Kho Kho, Kabbadi, Athletics, and many more it’s a great feel to play on turf and synthetic tracks, Spotrackz gives you the feel with the professional making of all types of turfs and tracks with the experts to achieve the goal with the quality of turf and synthetic tracks.

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